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Kingsmills Primary School, Co. Armagh

3D Shape Workshop

12th Apr 2019

As part of our Numeracy topic today we had a 3D shape workshop.

The children were put into small groups of 3/4 and had to rotate around 4 different areas.

1- Build 3D shapes using marshmallows and spaghetti.

2- Build a 3D shape model and count up how many faces, vertices and edges their model has altogether.

3- Build a 3D shape from a net. Colour the faces red, vertices green and the edges yellow.

4- Look at pictures of unfamiliar 3D shapes (e.g. pentagonal prisms, decahedrons etc). Research them using the iPads and then try to build them using Clixi.

We all had great fun and learnt lots about 3D shapes.